Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pretty Little Things: Cuffs Couture

I will begin posting "Pretty Little Things" as a means to showcase all of the fashionable items that are just "pretty" to me. 

As my first installment of Pretty Little Things, I will feature Cuffs Couture, "the fashion accessory with ingenious functionality".

Jacqueline Dadon, the mastermind behind this ingenious accessory, has over 10 years experience in the fashion industry.  Driven by passion and fueled with creativity, Jacqueline is eager to share her visions, one Cuff at a time.

The runway-inspired accessories caters to the nightlife aficionado seeking convenience, as well as the fashionista who is on top of all the hottest trends.  Cuffs are a great option for those who would like to liberate themselves from a bulky purse or stuffing their jean pockets.

Regardless of the occasion, day or night, Cuffs Couture gives you the ability to store your essentials in the most convenient and fashionable way possible.  Choose from a variety of styles that match your wardrobe or make a statement and experience freedom in fashion.

A few items to stuff in your cuff:

Credit Cards
Lip Gloss, Yes, Lip Gloss

Not only can the cuff be of use for party-goers, Cuffs Couture caters to Brides {and Bridesmaids}!

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